Design Treatment Carry-Over

Cell phones are part of our everyday life and Motorola being the 1st manufacturer. It’s really interesting to see how much technology has advanced and thinking about when I was a kid my mom use to actually have a huge motorola phone with the huge battery in the back. Now we have phones such as the i-phone which started the whole craze of touch screens. Now there are so many different variations of phones. Personally I try to stay away from my phone as much as possible.

So thinking about more technology, the evolution of television display. So thinking about how most televisions are flat screens and LCD, I believe one the 1st flat screen t.v’s that was showcased as plasmas. Although plasmas have been not able to last very long the emergence of LCDS has been far more superior on the market being more reliable than plasmas. Due to the style of the displays, most televisions now are flat screen and aren’t so big and boxy as they use to be.


So in 1956 Levi Strauss tried an experiment, releasing a line of black denim pants it called Elvis Presley Jeans. On the branding level, it was a successful marriage of an old product and its developing new character. People had long worn denim for work, or to “westernize” themselves; now a new set of customers was wearing it to identify themselves with the postwar scene of rebellious urban (and suburban) outliers.

Jeans were important work clothes for decades but really did not capture the imagination of the American
public until western movies in the 1950s that starred Roy Rogers, Gene Autry , and John Wayne in Levi’s and Lee Riders.

Jeans has evolved and come in all different styles and experimented on such as acid-wash’s to ripped jeans.  Going from baggy, to fit, shoot you name it, its probably been done.

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