Art Event #9 Composing the Instant

Composing the Instant 12/7/10 -dance performances, live cinema, and video screenings

About Composing the Instant

-Composing the Instant is composed of students from

DNCE 311: movement improvisation, dance and visual media, contemporary dance, and video installation art.

I was actually part of the event and performed a contemporary dance with my fellow students. It was actually quite an experience just performing in front of the audience. I really just tried my best to enjoy myself and just dance. The group of dancers consisted of all types of levels of dance and coming from the contemporary dance class which I’d never fathom even actually being in the class was actually alot of fun. The ability to let go and not think about anyone and to just dance was the most amazing part of it. To self-express yourself through movement and it didn’t matter what level and experience you had with dancing.

I was also able to screen my 1st video project I’ve ever made. I titled it Relative Intuition and it based on the relationship of movement in basketball and dance. As my¬†1st project for my media class it started as an in-camera edit. I later was able to edit the project on final cut and this is the result. The purpose of the project was to show a basic concept that presented a relationship of space(s) and gesture(s); and to show how a gesture transforms the space. Influenced by Maya Deren’s “A study in choreography for camera,” So I came up with the idea of manipulating a basketball sequence and trying to make the connection with dance by transforming gestures to manipulate the time and space.

I was really pleased the way the video came out and the audience enjoyed it as well. Looking back at the event if I were going to change anything, perhaps just being able to prepare myself more to perform in front of the audience. Much respect to all the performers who danced that night.

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