Art Event #10 Photography Triptychs

Triptychs (Photo documentary class) Deborah Small

Held in Arts 342 a series of Triptych photography was displayed from Deborah Small’s photo documentary class. I am big fan of photography and it was really interesting to see the breakdown of photos in set of 3’s.

So going around the room and viewing all the pieces, one of the 1st photos that stood out to me was this. I just recently found out that it was actually taken and done by Donovon from graphic design. I’ve always been a fan of black and white photos and having just the red in his photo really makes it pop. Red is such a dominant and powerful color which is used often for advertising and titles such as stores like Vons, or Ralphs, Target, Macys.

Of the three photos of Donovon’s piece, I really like the last picture of Petco Park. I really feel that the dominance of the red really draws you in the picture and giving the sense of height and noticing the intricate design of the red middle piece of the bridge.

Thinking about the gallery and display of work, some of the work were displayed in thumb-tacs, and it would of been nice to showcase all the photography in frames to give it more of a professional feel to all the work. Really cool photos all together to view.

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