Art Event #8 New Play Festival(The Overnights and Just Passing Through)

New Play festival(The Overnights and Just Passing Through) 12/3/10

The Overnights- student written play by Sammi Carr

The Overnights was about a news production in which they relied on getting viewers by not showing real news and using one of their beautiful anchors. The head boss at the time is having an affair with the anchor while his assistant and production team ends up teaming up to find real news to show. They end up finding a witness who confesses to be part of a gang within the community and talks about whats really going on within the community. Their ratings go up because of this and the anchor having the affair with the head boss gets fired and decides to join his production team and back up the story or else he loses everything.

I personally felt I wasn’t too entertained about the play, but it is a student play so I guess its not so bad. I just feel like the actors didn’t really have much to work with and the story felt bland to me.

Just Passing Through-student written play by Matt Chewiwie

A comedic play revolving around a movie theatre and their employees

This play was entertaining to watch. It was fun to see the actors play different positional employees in the play. Mary Realtor plays the boss of the movie theatre and most of her scenes consists of her interviewing a new employee to hire. Mary has a great stage presence has great use of working the stage.

Also Shaun Heard from my acting class was fun to watch. Sitting in the front row, Shaun plays as a employee maintenance crew person. One of the scenes theres popcorn all over the floor and so he decides to sweep all the popcorn towards me and I couldn’t help, but just laugh. It was fun watching certain gestures especially in one of the scenes where apparently they serve rotten hot dogs to the customers and the customers through a fit while waiting in line.

Watching plays and performances like this gives me that urge to perform and really get into it. I enjoyed watching this piece and it made me think about what I would do if I were in their shoes performing.

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