Art Event #7 New Play Festival(A night of Monologues)

New Play Festival(A night of monologues), 12/2/10, theatre

About- The New Play Festival are written and performed by CSUSM students, the monologue and new play festivals feature compelling, riotous, and side-splitting works.

So the first night consisted of various students actors who performed monologues. As a theatre minor and being able to watch was quite entertaining. I enjoyed watching fellow students in my acting class Yolanda Catano and Shaun Heard perform their monologues. Yolanda’s piece consisted of a dance and a monologue.

Her monologue was about her relationship and how this man left a lasting impression on her in which she could not forget. She refers to J-lo and Marc Anthony to describe the relationship. Towards the end of her monologue she displays such emotion to express her feelings for this person. I give her much respect to display such an emotion in front of an audience and I know it takes a lot out of a person to even just to put yourself out there to perform in front of an audience and display such emotion.  It definitely threw me off guard when Yolanda displayed this passionate sadness, and it really opened my eyes and feel her stage presence.

All the performers performed monologues personal to them. It’s not very easy to just perform in front of live audience and display your emotions and let alone perform a monologue touching on subjects that effect themselves as individuals. One of the biggest fears in this world is actually public speaking. I give much respect to all the performers that night because I know it may be nerve wracking performing in front of people.

I know I will be performing as well soon enough and being able to watch these students perform I can always learn something.Thinking about the levels of your voice and understanding pacing of the speech is important. I feel that the more you perform, the more comfortable you become with the a live audience.

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