Art Event #6 Untitled Unexpected

Untitled Unexpected 11/19/10, Art Event

About Untitled Unexpected- More than 60 students in Cal State San Marcos’ visual and performing arts department will present a showcase of music, theater, art and other art forms reflecting their global perspective.

The event started with live performances filled with musical and theatrical performances. Dave Saunders started off the show with a looping station he created where he would record live a drum beat to loop and add more sounds with to loop with the beat with various instrumental drums and a guitar.

It was really entertaining to watch his process of creating and looping the music live. I felt he was the perfect opener to the event and felt like he set the mood.

After all the performances, their were various types of art displayed on the 3rd level of the art building. The art consisted of art installations, paintings, graphic design art, video installations, and photography. As being part of the film crew to document the event I really enjoyed myself interviewing various artists to ask about how their process was and what inspired to create their art. One of the most memorable interviews I would have to say is interviewing Rahim Baker.

For his process of art, in collaboration with Kai Norwood, a video installation was displayed and on this video was the challenge and process of Rahim learning how to swim. He definitely was a great sport and I throughly enjoyed watching his video of Rahim in his process of learning how to swim and challenging himself to face this fear. To the side of the t.v display of the video is a desk and sticky notes which invites anyone to be able to write a challenge or fear they want to overcome. I felt that this was a great way to have people interact and made art piece to be interactive and to personalize it for themselves. By the end of the night was a wall of sticky notes of challenges that people wrote and it was interesting to read these post-it notes.

Talking about challenges I too did participate in this event in which my piece was about trying to break the social norm on campus. As a transfer student and experiencing my first semester here at CSUSM, I realized how big of a commuter campus this is. In collaboration with Shaun Anderson and Eric Sevilla, I pitch them the ideas of certain skits to perform on campus to spark some life on campus. Our goal was through these stunts to leave lasting impression on students and to help influence social interaction within students and bring students together to create more social community on campus. For the event we had an video installation in which we brought in a tent and had two laptops displaying our video of the stunts we have done on campus. It was a great turnout, and had many students appreciate our work of what we’ve done on this campus. Our most successful stunt was the disco elevator, where we disco’ed out an elevator and I had myself to dance in the elevator to students surprise.

The Art event was a great event for all artists to display their work and express their thoughts and feelings through their work. I was very pleased with the event, but wished we could displayed our art longer and that it wouldn’t be a one day ordeal, but a whole weekend to showcase artists work. I also feel that being part of the class and experiencing how fast we had to prepare for this event, I feel could have been promoted a lot better.  I still enjoyed myself watching the performances and witnessing student’s works and just the thought of bringing various types of artists to showcase their work is great. It brings artists of different mediums together in class and also the collaboration of different art forms.





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