Art Event #5 Sheep Women

Sheep Women, 10/27/10, Live Film

I found a quick trailer of their film, but it doesn’t do its justice watching it live.

About Sheep Women- A Live Film by SUE-C & Laetitia Sonami. Laetitia Sonami, internationally renowned composer, and visual and performing artist, Sue-C bring to life their film in real time through the manipulation and projection of photographs, drawings, slides, videos, shadows and three dimensional objects along with the process and amplification of electronic music, nostalgic songs and field recordings. It is up to the audience to determine where dreams end and reality begins.

So watching this live film piece was definitely interesting. It consisted two artists which Sue-C would control the video through projection and Laetitia Sonami creating the sound. Sitting in the front row I got to the performers up close and watch them as they would project and compose the music. I noticed how they would compromise where I could see where they would look at each and I would notice who would take over in command by either Sue-C would go by the music to display the visuals or Laetitia would go by the Visuals to compose the music. The visuals were very entertaining to watch and felt like it flowed well with the music although I felt that the music was overbearing at times. The visuals and the size of the projection displayed, I felt that the visuals made an impact on the audience and myself to feel as if you were actually in their live cinema piece. It was really interesting to have to completely different artists to collaborate together to put on this live film piece. Looking at the visuals made me think about my own film projects that I want to create. I looked at different abstractions and techniques she used to show a visual effect and also thought about her transitions of her images. At the end of the show it was interesting being able to go up on stage and being able to see all their props they used to display the live cinema. Thinking about the performance I feel that music plays a huge roll in film where it enhances certain visuals to put you in a certain state of mind or feeling. Thinking about music and creating your own, to really personalize the visuals is what i’m trying to explore within my film creations.

Both artists are very creative to display such a piece and would definitely say redefining film. This “real time cinema” is something i’ve never experienced before and it definitely changes the aspect of film. I also feel that the size of the projection plays a big role in their piece and gives more of an impact on viewers. Having these artists collaborate with each other and improvise live to create this live cinema in front of our eyes, I feel that the live cinema piece becomes more personal as a viewer because of the fact they are in front of us creating the visuals and sound.

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