Art Event #2 Mojalet Dance featuring Stick Together

Mojalet Dance Featuring Stick Together ,10/6/10, Dance

About Mojalet Dance feat. Stick Together- Mojalet Dance Company is a contemporary dance troupe designed to increase awareness of dance as an art form, and make it equally accessible to all members of society. Stick Together combines the talents of Mojalet Dance Company with Rhythm Talk, a Swiss percussion band.

A fan of all types of dance and enjoying the act of dancing as well, it was interesting to watch this performance. Their were several dances through the whole entire piece. There was actually two dancers that stood out to me the most because of their movement. Both of these dancers actually had a duet together and really enjoyed watching their performance. I felt that the way they portrayed great fluidity through the movement which caught my eye. Obviously we all have different perspectives on what attracts us and I felt that these two dancers had a style in which I would put into my own dance.

All of the performances was accompanied with a percussion band called Rhythm talk. I really enjoyed their performance while the dancers danced to their music. I felt that without that live percussion band that the whole entire dance piece wouldn’t have a lasting impact. It was hard to decipher the story that they were trying to portray, but it was still interesting to watch. The last part of the show they ended with a jazzy type dance.

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