6 images

6 images that I find graphically appealing or capture my attention.


  • First and foremost I am a huge Laker fan. Born in LA, I played basketball all my life and became fond of the Lakers.
  • The Lakers franchise was founded in Detorit and known as the Detroit Gems, before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota (called the land of 10,00 lakes) and hence derived the name the Lakers. The team moved to Los Angeles in 1960 and have been there ever since.
  • The Lakers Log consists of the team name, “Los  Angeles Lakers” written in “Purple” on top of a “Gold” basketball. The text also has streaks to indicate motion. Purple and Gold are the team colors. Purple uniforms are used for road games and gold uniforms are used for home games. The team also wears white jerseys for Sunday and holiday home games.


  • Silhouette of Michael Jackson
  • I was always fond of silhouettes, so I choose a Michael Jackson one. I was definitely influenced by Michael Jackson growing up and loved the way he danced. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old I believe, my parents held a party and I remember receiving a gift from a family friend. He gave me a thriller jacket and I went bananas. I was always really shy as kid and I remember going into the backyard where the music and dancing was going on. I would straight up run into the middle of the dance floor and just start dancing ridiculously till I had no energy left then run away because I felt embarrassed of myself.


  • Dragonball Z
  • A Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama.
  • Japanese animation show
  • Growing up I really enjoyed doing art projects. One of the most favorite cartoons I enjoyed watching was Dragonball Z. I loved the japanese animation which I grew to be very fond of throughout my childhood. As a kid I would always practice drawing these type of characters which I found to be visually appealing to my eye. Japanese animation definitely plays a big influence in my art and love the style.


  • Wave barrel
  • I really love photography of waves, especially when taken inside the barrel
  • I moved to San Diego when I was 18 and at the time I had to start fresh and meet new people. It was definitely a difficult transitional period in my life for I felt like I had no one and so the beach became my best friend. I remember the day I got my first surfboard and wetsuit.I’ve never been so excited to get in the water the next day. I was so excited that I would put on my wetsuit and run,roll,dance, to test out the wetsuit’s flexibility. I felt like I was batman with the wetsuit on. The following morning I woke up and rushed to the beach. I always felt like was a natural at things and could catch a wave my 1st day in the water thinking it would be “easy.” Oh man was I wrong. Learning how to surf was one of the most physical and mental activities I’ve undergo. I was frustrated, but I enjoyed the constant beatings of the wave. I would dedicate most of time learning how to surf while going to a community college. I would surf at least 3 times a day and pushed myself, longing to catch my first wave.  The constant persistence paid off and I remember catching my first ever wave going down the line. My first ever wave where i actually felt like i was surfing, going down the line of the wave was in Tamarack. I was shocked while riding my 1st wave and wanted more. Learning how to surf was definitely a process, but one of the most self-gratifying hobbies i enjoy. I surf when I can especially when I hear a swell hits or conditions are nice, I usually take out my 6’3 apoxy Rusty these days, but enjoy experimenting riding different shape and size boards.


  • Andre Agassi
  • Rocking the Mullet
  • A fan of tennis and playing, I always enjoyed watching Andre Agassi. What else is there to say…. business in the front, party in the back!!!!


  • Chuck Norris
  • Enough said….
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